Nepal grovels to please departing Prince but will it bear fruit?

Nepal has literally grovelled at the feet of Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in order to please him. Nearly 70 domestic flights taking off from Kathmandu were cancelled without prior notice on Tuesday for the departure of the billionaire prince from Saudi Arabia "due to security reasons". Nobody in Nepal gets that much respect!

The Nepal Government has also awarded him with the Mahaujjwal Rastradeep Medal, the highest honour that can be awarded to a foreign national for their contribution to promoting Nepal´s image, dignity and interests in international arena even though his contribution has been minimal so far. He is the first recipient of the award.

All this in the hope of getting him to invest in Nepal. After all he is the 19th richest man in the world and surely has plenty of money to spare which a investment-hungry country like Nepal could use. He  has expressed interest in investing in tourism, airlines and heritage and hopefully will invest in Nepal. 

But the thing that irks me most is does Nepal really need to bend its back so much to please others? Is this what is necessary to encourage foreign investments in Nepal? ???