Nepal gets first medal at the Asian Games 2010

Nepal has got its first (and possibly only) medal at the Asian Games 2010. Boxer Deepak Maharjan won the bronze medal for Nepal after losing to Dinesh Kumar of India in the men's 81 Kg semi-final bout today. Nepal has participated in 15 editions of the Asian Games and won 20 bronzes and a silver so far. Of this, 13 bronzes and the lone silver have come from taekwondo. Unfortunately, this time the taekwondo team has returned empty handed.

So what is the reason by this dismal performance? Obviously there are a number of factors responsible for such dismal results. But the number one reason is mixing politics with sports. Just a quick search on "Nepal + sports + politics" will provide ample evidence of this unfortunate truth. Politics is mixed with everything else in Nepal including sports. If the political situation in Nepal remains the way it does, then we are bound to perform similarly if not worse in the next edition of the Asian Games as well.