Lumbini is to Buddists what Jerusalem is to Christians and Jews and Mecca is to Muslims

Lumbini is to Buddhists what Jerusalem is to Christians and Jews, and Mecca is to Muslims.  But how many people know this? Just recently I posted about a plan by private investors in China to invest 8 billion rupees in Lumbini to promote it as a must-see destination for the Buddhists around the world.

I wanted to get a rough estimation of the world religious populations and a search in Google returned the wikipedia page List of religious populations. A quick readthrough showed that there are between 500 million - 1 billion Buddhists in the World. But I was disappointed when I saw the list of religious cities in the world. Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha is not listed as an important city for Buddhists. In fact,  more often than not Nepalis overseas still have to explain to so many ignorant people  (including many Buddhists) that Buddha was born in Nepal and not in India. It is a shame that Nepal is not doing enough to promote Lumbini as "the Holy City" for Buddhists. Lets hope that the Chinese Investment come through and the proposed development does take place.