Hell hath no fury like a woman outraged!

Hell hath no fury like a woman outraged. Jeetendra Chaudhary, 28 of Bara, found this the hard way. 26-year-old Preeti Sundari Chaudhary cut off her husband’s penis after tying his hands and legs, before trying to roast him alive in their rented accommodation at Sitapaila in Kathmandu. After cutting off her husband’s penis, Preeti cut the cooking gas pipe and set fire to the room.

Luckily for Jeetendra, a Nepal Army Corporal at the Ranger Battalion, Balaju, his life was saved by alert locals. Neighbours, who saw flames rising in the room and Chaudhary’s wife fleeing the scene, ran to the rescue. They rushed him to the Army Hospital at Chhauni, where doctors have managed to join his mutilated penis but they are uncertain whether it will return to its former state and glory :-).

Immediately after the incident, Preeti, went straight to the police and surrendered. She has confessed that she cut off her husband’s penis with a knife. She will now be tried for intent to murder. It will be interesting to see what the verdict from the court will be!