Australian gets 15 months jail term for sex abuse of children while doing charity work in Nepal

Geoffrey John Prigge has helped set up an orphanage in Nepal and has been referred to as a "man of charity". But what was the motive behind his so-called charity work? Was it to molest teenage boys?

Prigge, 55, of Mosman, New South Wales, has become the first Australian to be convicted of child sex-tourism offences committed while in Nepal. He has been charged under legislation allowing Australians who offend overseas to be investigated by the Australian Federal Police and be prosecuted at home. Prigge will serve 15 months behind bars, to be released in February 2012. The three Nepali boys who were involved in the incident, came to Sydney to give evidence. 

While this incident has been reported by the leading newspapers in Australia, the Nepali media seems silent over it. If this is because of ignorance, then it doesn't reflect well on the Nepali Government and Nepali media. In the recent past, several orphanages, adoption agencies and charity organizations have mushroomed in Nepal. It is possible that incidents of child molestation and pornography have occurred in other institutions as well. 

The Nepali Government should take steps to ensure that such incidents do not take place in future and if they do, then the perpetrator be tried in Nepal and subjected to much more severe punishment.