Will Baburam Bhattarai get a chance?

With 14 rounds of voting having failed to elect a new Prime Minister for Nepal, maybe  it is time to give Baburam Bhattarai a chance to govern Nepal. He seems to be the most sane Maoist leader and giving him the Prime Minister's chair would be appropriate since the Maoist are the largest party in the Nepali Parliament. Also, Baburam Bhattarai seems to be popular among the Nepali population, going by the SMS voting carried out in Nepal and the numerous folk songs about Baburam Bhattari and Naya Nepal (Just do a search on Youtube). While he has taken a backseat so far and allowed Chairman Awesome to take the lead role, I think it is time he became more assertive to resolve the current deadlock in Nepal. He seems to be on the front foot given this report in MyRepublica. Ram Chandra Paudel should also agree to step aside if Baburam Bhattarai becomes the Prime Minister instead of Chairman Awesome. But will that happen? Only time will tell!