Sixty Pornographic Sites banned in Nepal. So what?

MyRepublica reports that Internet service providers (ISP) in Nepal have stopped the transmission of 60 pornographic sites from their servers from Wednesday evening. This is in response to the directive of the Home Ministry and Nepal Telecom Authority asking ISPs to stop transmission of such sites. But what have they achieved by doing this? IMHO, nothing!

A quick search on "Porn" on Google returns about 128,000,000 results. If a person did the same search in Nepal, he would probably get the same number of results but would not be able to open 60 specific sites (which are possibly not even in the top 100-1000 results) from this list of 128,000,000 results. What a joke!

Time and again, the Nepal Government comes up with programs and policies which are half-baked ideas aimed at getting popular support. But the actual implementation of the policies is always unsuccessful. What a shame! Where else but Nepal can one expect this!