Secondary Education to be free in Nepal for current fiscal year! If the budget is passed :-)

Finance Minister Surendra Pandey has announced that secondary education will be free for all in Nepal under the current fiscal year. This is a good initiative by the Nepal Government. However, there are a number of open questions about this announcement:
  • Will the budget be passed by this current Government?
  • Why is the Government limiting this program just to the current fiscal year? If the Government can afford this, then it should continue into the foreseeable future irrespective of who forms the next Government
  • Does it mean that in the next fiscal year the students will have to pay fees again? 
  • If the Government is already providing free education, what is the reason for providing additional incentives to all students? Dalit students are to get Rs. 70 per month, all girl students are to get Rs. 60 per month and boy students are to get Rs. 50 per month. Does this mean that all Dalit students, irrespective of their financial situation will receive the money?
  • Why are girl students given an additional 10 rupees?
The idea is good provided it has been thought through carefully. But otherwise, it is nothing more than rhetoric which our Nepali politicians are very good at. Remember, when MaKuNe first became Prime Minister, he announced that airport staff would be banned from wearing uniforms with pockets so that they would not take bribes! Other policies have included rewards for those who marry widows, and rewards for inter-caste marriages. None of these policies have been successful because they haven't been thought through carefully. 

What does this say about the people who are responsible for drafting the New Constitution of Naya NepalIMHO, not much.