Nepal, learn from Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka which was embroiled in a civil war for almost 30 years, is making great economic progress. I came across a tweet today about Sri Lanka exporting cars to Nepal and couldn't help but wonder when our beloved Nepal would start making economic progress as well. Wasn't it Prachanda who said that he would make Nepal the next Switzerland? I wonder what went wrong!

But Sri Lanka's economic progress is quite impressive.  With investor friendly policies, Sri Lanka's economy is set to boom. They are now exporting cars, with the Micro SX7 manufactured by Micro now being exported to Nepal as well. 

When will Nepal start making such economic progress? Nepal's politicians should learn from their Sri Lankan counterparts and stop playing musical chairs. Prachanda does not have to make Nepal the next Switzerland. If he manages to make Nepal's economy comparable to that of its neighbours, that in itself is a major achievement.