Nepal Government decides to ban pornography sites, but will it be successful?

The Home Ministry of Nepal has decided to ban all pornographic sites in Nepal. Nepal Telecommunications Authority is currently working with all ISPs and telecom operators to ban sites that have pornographic content.

Why does the government want to ban pornographic sites? Because it wants to reduce the increasing trend where youths spend most of the time on the internet watching porn. According to NTA spokesperson Kailash Prasad Neupane, after the ban, internet users will spend time doing research and creative works on the web (as if).

How does it plan to achieve this? Cyber cafes will have to maintain record of users´ login and logout time. They will be monitored by representatives from DAO, District Tax Office, Nepal Police and local IT professional recommended by DAO. New cyber cafes will have to get permission from DAO before starting their operations. They will have to ban porn sites that they know of. Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN) has said they need to install firewall and filtering software to block pornographic sites. This can cost anything between US $100,000 to a million dollar. 

Is this ban a fair decision?  Can/should the government ban adults from watching videos of their choice on the Internet? I don't think so!!!