Madeshi Politicians behind abduction and murder of teenagers in Banke

Two teenagers Kapil Dwivedi (aged 17) and Liladhar Bhatta (aged 16) who were abducted on 30th September 2010, have both been found murdered. Bhatta's body was found on Monday and Dwivedi's body was found today. Dwivedi's parents had already paid 1 million to the kidnappers. This is a shameful incident where two teenagers have lost their lives because of the lack of security in Nepal. The more disappointing aspect of this incident is that the people involved in the abduction and subsequent murder of these teenagers are actually members of the Tarai Janatantrik Party Madhes. This incident shows the utter lack of peace and security in Nepal where politicians are either too busy fighting for the Prime Minister's Chair or abducting citizens for ransom.