Khanal or Nepal? Does it make a difference?

It looks like Nepal is finally going to get its new Prime Minister. The Chairman of the UML, Jhalanath Khanal is set to become the next Prime Minister of Nepal with the support of the UCPN. This is ironic, given that Madhav Kumar Nepal is from the same party as Khanal and was already the Prime Minister of a Government with majority support before he was forced to resign with calls of resignation coming from the Opposition and within his own party.

The previous government by the UML had been formed with support from the Congress with the UCPN sitting in Opposition. This time, it looks like the government will again be formed by the UML with support from the UCPN with Congress sitting in Opposition. Apart from a change in the seating arrangement, if any, (I'm not sure if members of the Government and the Opposition sit on opposite sides in Nepal as they do in Australia), how is the new Government going to be different? 

So, does it really make a difference whether Khanal or Nepal, or anybody else is the Prime Minister of Nepal? It makes no difference to me. What about you?