Is Nepal Tourism Board doing enough to make NTY 2011 a success?

Well, according to the Non-Residential Nepali Association, Nepal Tourism Board is not doing enough to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2011. According to NRNA officials, while the NRN organization has already opened its offices in 57 countries, the Government of Nepal has opened its foreign missions only in 27 countries. So the challenge thrown by the NRNs is that while the Nepal Government is promoting NTY 2011 only in 27 countries, if promotional programmes were handed over to NRNA, it will promote NTY 2011 in 57 countries. 

For those of you in Australia, Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is already being promoted by NRN Australia through the Nepal Festival 2010. The festival has already been held in Sydney (4th September 2010) and Brisbane (11th September 2010). It will be held in Melbourne on 20th November 2010.