The incompetency of Nepali politicians is amazing!

The article Grinding out Fake Certificates?, raises so many questions about the calibre of the people who are responsible for forming Naya Nepal. Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal  Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar, UML leader KP Oli,  and popular actors, Madan Krishna Shrestha, and Hari Bamsha Acharya were awarded honorary PhDs from the Greenford International University which has since been found to be a bogus university. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Subhash Nemwang.

This incident comes at the heels of Prachanda's recent trip to Malaysia where Mr. PrachandaPath was appointed Co-Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange Cooperation Foundation. 

How can the nation move forward when it is led by such incompetent politicians? One wonders!