How prepared is Nepal to deal with natural disasters?

The NepalNews website today reported that strong tremors were felt in and around Kathmandu twice earlier today. However, the magnitude of the quakes as well as their epicenter was not known immediately because the government geological agencies responsible for monitoring the seismological activities are closed due to Dashain holidays.

This news report raises a very important question. How prepared is Nepal to deal with natural disasters? Kathmandu is the most vulnerable city in the world and yet the Government Department decides to close completely during the festival season. Dashain is our biggest festival but I think the Government has to be a bit more diligent when it comes to disaster management.

What would the Government do if a major earthquake struck Nepal over the festive season? Is it ready to deal with such an incident? By the looks of today's report on NepalNews, it doesn't look like it is ready. Let's hope that Government becomes more alert before anything disastrous happens.......