Will Australia and Nepal get their new PM today?

Today the Nepali Parliament is going to try for the seventh time to elect a new Prime Minister. Prachanda probably has the best chance he has ever had to get the required 301 seats today with the MJFF most likely to vote for him. Ramchandra Paudel will most likely lose again unless a miracle happens.

In Australia, the Coalition and the Labour are tied on 74 seats each currently. Either party needs 76 seats to form the government with 2 independents undecided as yet. Most probably the independents will make their decision later this afternoon and we will know whether Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister of Australia . 

So will I get to know who my new Prime Ministers are today? 

Just an afterthought. Australia needs just 150 members in the Parliament. Why does Nepal require 601 members? Isn't there a saying which goes like this - 'too many cooks spoil the broth?'