Why didn't Kantipur report about Maharagate?

Yesterday, leading TV stations and newspapers reported about the alleged phone conversation between Krishna Bahadur Mahara and a Chinese official regarding the bribing of Nepali law-makers in order to form a Maoist Government in Nepal. However, Kantipur Publications refused to publish this report.

Those of you who regularly read the Nepali news sites must be aware of the ongoing controversy regarding Dabur Nepal, the Indian Embassy and Kantipur Publications. Well, looks like this controversy is going to be dragged on for a while longer.....

However, this article on the Kantipur website gives an explanation of why Kantipur did not publish about Maharagate!!!

It is definitely not a good sign when the media starts playing politics. Nepal 1 is Indian owned and run and the Indian Embassy is at loggerheads with Kantipur publications. Looks like there is more trouble brewing in the Nepali political playground !!!

What is interesting is that the Chinese media has reported nothing on Maharagate! One wonders why? Don't they follow what the Indian media says about Chinese involvement in Nepali politics?  Its a mystery!!!!