Whose fault is it?

Scene 1: Thirteen-year-old Nirmala Nepali of Gulmi, Nepal a sixth grader at Panchayan Higher Secondary School is in love with eighteen-year old Ramchandra Pandey, a ninth grader at the same school. The two are apparently in love with each other and involved in a consensual physical relationship. They have plans to get married in the future.

Scene 2: Nirmala Nepali gets pregnant and has given birth to a baby girl in the district hospital at Tamghas. Ramchandra Pandey and his family have locked up their house and fled away and nobody knows their whereabouts. 

Scene 3: Nirmala Nepali is waiting in the hospital to hear from the police about the whereabouts of the boy and his family. She is living on donations given by the different district organizations. There are rumours that Ramchandra has fled to India.

So the question to ask is whose fault is it that Nirmala is in this state? Nirmala herself, Ramchandra, their parents, their teachers, Nepali Society? Who should take responsibility for this incident? Asking the question is easy. But can anybody provide the right answer to this question?