Such is the political unity in Nepal!

Such is the political unity in Nepal that two separate letters have been sent from the Nepali side regarding the extension of the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). First, on Tuesday, the current care-taker government sent a letter requesting the UN to extend its mandate by four months but remained silent on whether the Nepali Army should continue to remain under the UNMIN purview. Then, on Thursday, the UCPN (Maoist) sent a separate letter, saying that the UNMIN purview over the Nepali Army should continue.

Because of the differences between the opinions of the Government and the Maoists, the UN Security Council now has to make a difficult decision. If the two sides don't reach a common agreement before Sept. 15, when the UNMIN's tenure ends, the UN Security Council has to decide whether to make a technical rollover offer of some weeks for the two sides to find common ground. However, if such a common agreement cannot be reached, then the Security Council has no other option but to wrap up the mission and leave Nepal.