Should Nepal Government ban women from working in Gulf Countries?

A recent report by Maiti Nepal shows that "only 33% of women returned healthy from the Gulf Countries. Of the 67% who had medical problems, 57% of the women were diagnosed to have some kind of Psychiatric illness, 2 % were pregnant, 4% had Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and 4% had other minor problems. Amongst the patient who had Psychiatric disease 50% were cases of Psychosis like Schizophrenia, 10 % were maniac, 20 % had Depression, 13% had depression along with Psychosis, while 7 % were cases of Anxiety." These are pretty shocking figures.

There are about 70,000 Nepali women migrant workers working in various International foreign labor markets with the Gulf being one of the major ones.  In spite of such reports, the number of Nepali women migrating to Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Lebanon and Kuwait, is on the rise.

The only way to stop this will be by banning Nepali women from working in Gulf Countries. But then effect will this have on their dependents? What options do they have to feed their children and families? Not many........