Nepali Student Arrivals to Australia plummet!

In 2008-09, Nepal was ranked third after India and China in terms of the student-visas granted by country of citizenship. A total of 11,039 students were granted off-shore visas during that period. But the figures for 2009-10 have fallen drastically. Only 1,344 students were granted off-shore visas in 2009-10. 

Australia, which used to be the most preferred destination for Nepali and other international students is now behind the US and the UK in terms of preferences. But if this current trend continues, it is likely that Canada will also overtake Australia soon. The direct effect the falling student numbers has on the education sector in Australia is significant given that most universities rely on international students for their very survival. 

It will be interesting to see if the Australian Government will make any changes to its newly imposed migration policies to lesson the negative impact of on the local economy. But until then, Nepali student numbers will continue to plummet and the growth of the Aussie Nepalis community will stop!