Nepali Politicians - Don't take us for granted!!!

Tomorrow Nepal is going to try to elect a new Prime Minister for the sixth time in three months. To make this round more interesting, Nepal 1, a Nepali TV channel run by Indians and based in India, has circulated an alleged audio recording of Krishna Bahadur Mahara talking to a Chinese agent about bribing Members of Parliament to win the voting tomorrow.  The former monarchy also seems to be getting more and more media active given the numerous interviews, and public appearances.

The Nepali political scene is getting more and more interesting - all 4 players seem to be putting their best (or worst) foot forward. Going by recent reports in the leading Nepali media, this political circus is going to carry on for some time. It looks like there is going to be no winner this time too. So who is the loser then? The ordinary Nepali people.

But the Nepali politicians should not take us for granted. If we were able to get rid of the monarchy, we are equally able to get rid of the worthless politicians.

This is a warning for all Nepali politicians. Don't test our patience...... and don't take us for granted.........