Do the law makers of Nepal deserve their positions?

Yesterday while trawling the net for interesting news about Nepal (while pretending to be working :-)) I came across this post 'Suicide Becomes Leading Cause of Death Among Younger Women in Nepal'. The article is about Sharada Nepali, a sitting Member of Parliament in Nepal belonging to the Communist Party of Nepal-Marxist Leninist (CPN-ML) i.e. the party of our current (acting) Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. Sharada Nepali is an uneducated woman belonging to the Dalit Community who was nominated by CPN-ML in 2008 after the declaration of Naya Nepal. So far, so good.

When Nepal was in the process of electing a new Prime Minister to replace Ma. Ku. Ne on July 21, Sharada Nepali did not participate in the process. She was in a city hospital grappling with death because she had tried to commit suicide by drinking carbolic acid. Why did she try to commit suicide? She said that she "could not handle it anymore,". There was too much pressure from her family and the party. She was mentally tortured by her husband Ravi Lal Nepali for not handing over her entire salary as a Member of Parliament (MP) to him. She could not do that since her party was paying her just a fraction of the money allotted by the government. Apparently when she raised the issue with the party, the party threatened to sack her.

A couple of things that irk me about this story are:
1. How can people who are unable to fix problems in their own family fix the problems of a nation?
2. Giving everyone equal rights is a good thing. But, does it really help the nation when an uneducated person with no political experience is made a Member of Parliament just to keep a section of the society happy?
3. Why does the CPN-ML party control the salary of the Members of Parliament?

When we have such people as Members of Parliament, how can they make the right decisions when it comes to matters of the nation? Maybe this is the reason why the MPs are still unable to select a new Prime Minister. They just aren't qualified for the job!!!!