Anup Poudel of Nepal receives 2010 Democracy Video Challenge Award for "Democracy is Black"

Anup Poudel of Nepal has received the Democracy Video Challenge 2010 for his video Democracy is Black from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In his video, liquids colored blue, yellow, green and red — representing freedom, unity, peace and love — are poured together. The colors also represent Poudel’s father, brother, sister and mother. The resulting liquid is black. Poudel says "Black is not negative, black is power; it’s a positive. Black is the color of power, and democracy is the power of nation."

When asked how he felt, Poudel replied, "I’m from Nepal, the country of Mount Everest, and today I feel like I’m on the peak of Mount Everest!" Good on you mate! You have done all Nepalis proud.