Religious Opportunism in Nepal

A couple of articles in the Australian media have made me think about religious opportunism in Nepal.

St. Vinnies step into unstable Nepal and 16 take up Nepal causeThe first article talks about the Society of St. Vincent Paul which is planning to train up to 15 local Nepali volunteers in leadership, accounting and spirituality, based around Catholicism. They hope to help up to 50 families through the initial phase.

The second article talks about 16 Casey Hospital emergency department staff members who are raising funds to take part in a humanitarian and volunteer aid mission to Nepal next year. The medical clinic, established in association with the Himanchal Education Foundation, will provide direct care for local villagers and an opportunity to educate and further train local health care workers.

The first group of people are taking advantage of the political unstability in Nepal to propagate the Catholic faith among the poor and needy. The second group is helping the poor and needy with no strings attached. The question that comes to my mind is this.  Would the Nepali people adopt new religions and faiths if the Nepali Government took steps to improve their standard of living? Shame on them for not doing so and allowing religious opportunism in Nepal!