Mission Hospital in India denies newborn to Nepali woman!!!

I've just read this story on MyRepublica about how a Mission Hospital in Raxaul, India has denied a Nepali woman her new born because she is unable to pay the delivery expenses. Shobhadevi Paswan has been separated from her daughter because she is unable to pay the surgery cost which is estimated to be around 50,000-60,000 rupees. 

Two things from this article make me feel sad: 
1. The Government of Nepal is so inept that it cannot provide the necessary medical facilities to all its citizens (especially the poor and needy ones), requiring them to go across the border to India for treatment 
2. A mission hospital which is supposed to serve the poor and the needy deems it appropriate to separate a mother from her child because she is unable to pay the hospital expenses

Shame on both of you!!!