Komali Oli does it again - Raichau Shivaji Badmas

Komal Oli is known for her controversial songs such as Poila Jaana Paam. This year she has gone a step further by calling Lord Shiva a 'badmas'. Her former employer Nepal Television has banned her song because "the song has a negative impact on the Hindu religion and she has no rights to refer Shiva God with that word". 

‘भोकै बसी जागाराम बत्तिमा तेल थपेर
धेरैगरें पूजा आजा तिम्रै नाउँ जपेर
आखिरमा बनायौ निरास
धत्तेरीका शिवजी रैछौ बदमास
Will this song be as popular as her previous ones? Let's wait and see!!!