Going gets tough for Nepal's best Export - Migrant Workers

There are nearly three million Nepali migrant workers abroad (excluding India). The annual remittance from these workers is nearly 3 billion US dollars. In addition, there are an estimated 10-12 million workers in India. But due to the recent global recession, these workers are facing major worries.

The recent news regarding Nepali migrant workers isn't that good. Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan has announced a ban on security agencies, which will lead to nearly 15,000-20,000 Nepalis losing their job as security guards. Then there was the issue of illegal Nepali workers in Iraq being deported by the US. While the Nepali government has taken quick action to lift the ban on Iraq, there are said to be an estimated 1,00,000 illegal Nepalis in Iraq who still face deportation. Recently 153 Nepali workers in Macau lost their jobs after a change in government policy. Another recent event was the stranding of 108 Nepali workers in Libya who were duped by manpower agencies. In another incident, 11 Nepali students who had gone from the UK to find employment in South Africa are said to be languishing in a Zambian jail. Then there was the incident of Nepali workers protesting in Malaysia over bad pay conditions.

If a sizeable number of Nepali migrant workers are to be returned home, it will have a serious impact on Nepal's economy and survival. The government is unprepared for such a situation and given the current political deadlock and uncertainty, it doesn't look likely that it will take any concrete steps to address this issue in the near future. 

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